Ewerdt Hilgemann

Ewerdt Hilgemann is often referred to as the 'air smith', because he is using the air that surrounds us as a sculpting force.  
From stainless steel plates, he first welds geometrical shapes, such as cubes, pyramids, or square columns.  Then he uses a pump to evacuate the inside air, giving free way to the outside pressure to distort randomly.  At least, that's the way it looks!
The reality is, that he artist decides the thickness of the material and the overall sizes of the piece (monolyth, or volumes divided into sections), taking into account that the resistance of the total structure decides the final shape.

Having specialized in this procedure, Hilgemann knows what to expect will happen.  Every one of his sculptures is the maximum of its possibilities within the set conditions, without him stopping the process for aestherical reasons.  His is a pure sculptural process without a verbal explanatory background, which doesn't mean his pieces do not have a dense content and meaning!  They are based on a need for (geometrical) balance.
Hilgemann is playing with the intangible and essential properties for human beings: air and light!  He puts the tough material of the shiny steel subject to distortion by air, creating a kind of strokable beauty.  Moreover, the light touching the various angles of the piece at different times of the day and varying weather conditions contributes to an ever new experience of these 'soft', powerful, non-violent and durable sculptures.
Antoinette de Stigter  May 2013

Hilgemann speelt met de ongrijpbare en voor de mens onontbeerlijke eigenschappen van licht en lucht. Het stoere materiaal van glanzend staal stelt hij bloot aan vervorming door de lucht en creëert hierdoor een haast aaibare schoonheid. De lichtinval op de verschillende vlakken van het werk bij verschillende weersomstandigheden en tijden van de dag draagt bij aan een schier onuitputtelijke beleving van deze 'zachte', krachtige, geweldloze en duurzame sculpturen.
Antoinette de Stigter mei 2013

Stainless Steel
300 x 60 x 60 cm
prijs op aanvraag
Imploded Cube
Stainless Steel
22 x 22 x 22 cm
€ 10.000,-
Imploded column
High polished stainless steel
125 x 25 x 25 cm
€ 35.000,-